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Gold Star Self Directed IRA

Gold Star Self Directed Ira is an IRA custodian offering clients accounts that can be self-directed by the customer. Their excellent customer service and their transparent pricing make them stand out.

When an account with a precious metal specialist is established, the customers give specific directions on what platinum they want to buy at what price, and which dealer. Once these orders have been given to an IRA custodian will make and hold the platinum until it is needed.

Customer Service

GoldStar offers its IRA account holders with many options when it comes to retirement accounts. Traditional Roth and traditional IRAs are provided, as are Simplified Employee Pension plans (SEP) that make these suitable for small companies and individuals who are self-employed and want to contribute towards an employee pension account via payroll deduction. Additionally, Roth IRAs offer tax-free retirement savings plans.

GoldStar stands apart from its competition by providing clients with the option of investing into alternative investments outside of the standard IRA Custodian Model. The website has an incredible variety of investment options, including the real estate industry and startups as well as a fee calculator so clients can understand what fees will be charged when they work with the company.

Customers report overall satisfaction about GoldStar Trust Company. They highlight its excellent customer service excellence as being key factors in why they decided to work with GoldStar Trust Company. This includes simple paperwork, excellent service, excellent account management, low fees and wide variety of assets available for investment.


Goldstar Trust Company IRA stands in comparison to smaller custodians since they specialize in providing personalized service for its clients. It has been based out of Canyon, Texas since 1989 They offer an innovative approach to retirement planning as well as investing options.

The company's fees are based upon the worth of your account. It charges an annual administration fee which is increased as you add value. This is in contrast to some custodians, who have flat annual fees.

Prior to opening an account at Goldstar the first step is to understand the fees and the costs that are that are associated with investing in real estate. As part of your initial setup fee and annual maintenance fee based on your property's value, you will also have to pay legal fees associated with delayed or revised documents.

IRA Investment Options

Goldstar Trust Company provides custodial services for retirement accounts that are self-directed and provides their clients with alternative investment opportunities including precious metals private corporations and church bonds - many investors find these investment options more profitable than traditional stock investments.

With Real Estate Investment Trusts (RETs) They offer the opportunity to invest in real estate that is IRA approved. Property managers have to be able to sign a formal agreement with RET in order to become licensed and gain from profits from their properties. Additionally, their site provides answers to many frequently asked questions about legalities regarding real estate investments.

With a reasonable once-off fee, and $65 per year maintenance charge, they have competitive pricing in the market. The fees schedule can be clearly seen on their site for ease of access - an invaluable aspect for financial companies! Additionally, they have excellent client satisfaction, earning an A+ score from the Better Business Bureau.


Precious metal IRAs can be self-directed individual Retirement Accounts (SDIRA). A SDIRA gives you control of your retirement assets and investment choices, unlike the 401k plan, which is managed by large financial institutions.

Gold IRA businesses are gaining well-known as a method to diversify a portfolio of investments which is heavily based on bonds and stocks. Furthermore, these providers provide an easy buyback process.

Before selecting a IRA custodian, it's crucial to conduct adequate research into the company to choose one that is able to satisfy your particular needs. Be sure to compare fee plans, BBB complaint histories and knowledge of investments before you make your choice. A reputable IRA custodian that stands out is offering outstanding customer service and competitive pricing while specializing in various alternative investments as well as the option of free delivery for bullion-related products. In addition, they are in close contact with several depository institutions.